Notice Concerning Japan Post


改定点1 日本郵便の配送料金が改定をされます。


改定点2 国際eパケット郵便物の料金の廃止

改定点3 通常郵便物の地帯区別の変更

改定点4 重量段階の変更

Japan Post's international postage rates will be revised from October 1, 2023.

Revision Point 1: Japan Post's delivery charges will be revised.

For details, please check the price list on the Japan Post page below.
We will update the price list on our website in the near future.

Revision point 2: Abolition of fees for international e-packet mail
Special charges (fees for international e-packet mail) will be abolished for small packages handled by air as registered mail.
From now on, please use the equivalent service of small packages sent by registered mail (airline handling).

Revision point 3: Change in zone classification for regular mail
The zone distinction for regular mail will be changed to 5 zones to match the zone distinction for parcel mail and EMS mail.

Revision point 4: Change in weight level
The minimum weight category for letters to be handled by sea mail will be changed to 25g.
Change the minimum weight category of printed matter to 50g.
The weight level of printed materials that are classified as aviation will be changed in 100g increments up to 2kg.
In addition, the weight level for printed matter that exceeds 2 kg that will be handled by air transport and printed matter that will be handled as SAL will be changed in 1 kg increments.

小立 良太
Otachi Ryota
General Manager