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SD Gundam Blu-ray Collection Box (Special Limited Edition) [Premiun Bandai, A-on STORE Exclusive]


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2021 / 10
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2021 / 09 / 13

Three titles of "Mobile Suit SD Gundam", "SD Gundam Force", and "SD Gundam Sangokuden BraveBattleWarriors" have been made into 1BOX!

In addition, the two titles "Mobile Suit SD Gundam" and "SD Gundam Force" have been made into the long-awaited first Blu-ray!


■ "Mobile Suit SD Gundam" (1 Disc)

"Mobile Suit SD Gundam MK-I"

"Part 1 Fierce Fighting Edition Can you stand on the ground of Gundam !?"

"Part 2 Holiday Edition Zeon Hotel Threat? Gundam Pension Destruction Order !!"

"Part 3 SD Olympics! Stadium, dyed with laughter"

"Mobile Suit SD Gundam MK-II"

"Rolling colony case" / "Original Gundam famous scene collection"

"Legend of Iwajabu"

"Mobile Suit SD Gundam's Counterattack"

"School festival that calls for a storm" / "SD Sengokuden: Chapter of the Storm Sky Castle"

"Mobile Suit SD Gundam MK-Ⅲ"

"Space Mystery Daisakusen" / "SD Sengokuden Musashi House Ninja Battle"

"SD Sengokuden Ten no Maki" / "SD Sengokuden Chi no Maki"

"SD Sengokuden Shin no Maki" / "SD Sengokuden no Maki"

"Mobile Suit SD Gundam MK-IV"

"Dream Marron, Space Journey"

"Mobile Suit SD Gundam MK-V"

"Pikirientapoles" / "Miracle of carrier Li Gazi"

"Pikirienta Paules / Tomasoku" / "SD Sengokuden Musashi no Gojin no Kakeshi"

"Pikirienta Paules / Tomasokei"

* Mobile Suit SD Gundam MK-IV "SD Gundam Fierce Race" is a missing title and is not included in this product.

■ "Mobile Suit SD Gundam SD Gundam Gaiden" (1 Disc)

SD Gundam Gaiden I "Brave of Lacroix" / SD Gundam Gaiden II "Legendary Giant"

SD Gundam Gaiden III "Argus Knights" / SD Gundam Gaiden IV "Knight of Light"

■ Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival Plus (1 Disc)

"Mobile Suit SD Gundam Movie Version Warrior / Knight / Command SD Gundam Emergency Sortie"

"Warrior / Knight / Command SD Gundam Emergency Sortie" / "Papal's Akatsuki Episode 103: Snagim's Bride"

"Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival"

"SD Command Senki Gundam Force SUPER GARMS Final Formula VS Noum Gather"

"SD Sengokuden Tenka Taihei Hen" / "SD Gundam Gaiden Holy Machine Soldier Story"

■ "SD Gundam Force" (8 main discs + 1 bonus disc)

Episode 1 "The name is Captain" / Episode 2 "Shining! Soul Drive" / Episode 3 "Knight Running in the Sky"

Episode 4 "Striking the enemy Musai ship!" / Episode 5 "Formation! Gundam Force" / Episode 6 "Flame warrior, conquer Neotopia"

Episode 7 "Gekijou! Gun Biker" / Episode 8 "Princess, Cake and Knight of Wings" / Episode 9 "Explosive Maru Struggle"

Episode 10 "Desperate! Triple Attack!" / Episode 11 "Labyrinth Lacroix Part 1" / Episode 12 "Labyrinth Lacroix Part 2"

Episode 13 "Labyrinth Lacroix, Part 2" / Episode 14 "Gundam Force's Secret!" / Episode 15 "Sonic Wings Gun Eagle!"

Episode 16 "Deep Sea Champion Gundiver!" / Episode 17 "New Thug, Its Name is Ashura Maru" / Episode 18 "S.D.G Base Crisis Close Call!"

Episode 19 "Duel! Explosive Maru vs. Ashura Maru" / Episode 20 "Fen's Misfortune" / Episode 21 "Awakening! Feather Dragon"

Episode 22 "Big Zam Assault" / Episode 23 "Activate! Captain System" / Episode 24 "Pinch! Soul Drive Robbery"

Episode 25 "Neotopia's Greatest Crisis" / Episode 26 "Decisive Battle! Commander vs. Captain" / Episode 27 "Rush! Dark Axis"

Episode 28 "Three Roads" / Episode 29 "Seal of Special Moves !? Threat of Minofus Sakaikai" / Episode 30 "Resurrection! We Are the Leaders !?"

Episode 31 "Magic Sword Epion" / Episode 32 "Epion Assault!" / Episode 33 "Recapture! Cursed Princess Lacroix"

Episode 34 "Princess Lacroix in Black Clothes" / Episode 35 "Tenka First Class! Genkimaru ~! Volume" / Episode 36 "Onigiri and Wisdom Garden"

Episode 37 "Crash! Dark Death Size" / Episode 38 "Princess Lili, Resurrection!" / Episode 39 "Call of Gerbera"

Episode 40 "Cavalry King Maru, Invasion!" / Episode 41 "Captive Shuto and Riri" / Episode 42 "War of War Tengu"

Episode 43 "Ultimate Move! Cavalry King Maru vs. Shuto" / Episode 44 "Bakushinmaru, Burning !!" / Episode 45 "Gundam Force Meeting !!"

Episode 46 "Tears of the Kamimura Maru" / Episode 47 "Activation! Warrior Ogami Sho" / Episode 48 "Flame Tenchi Castle, Genki Maru's Cry!"

Episode 49 "Overture to Ruin, Gerbera's Identity" / Episode 50 "World Disappearance !? General Threat"

Episode 51 "Great Battle! General VS Everyone" / Episode 52 (Final Episode) "Return Road"

■ SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors (4 Discs)

<TV series>

"SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors"

Episode 1 "Hero Appearance" / Episode 2 "Encounter" / Episode 3 "For the People"

Episode 4 "Assassin" / Episode 5 "Gathering of Gunyu" / Episode 6 "Goal is Hulao Pass"

Episode 7 "Crash! Cao Cao vs. Lu Bu" / Episode 8 "Tagire! Dreadful Tyranny" / Episode 9 "Flame! City of Light"

Episode 10 "Sun Jian dies" / Episode 11 "Zhao Yun!" / Episode 12 "Eve of the decisive battle"

Episode 13 "Expression! Tentama Armor" / Episode 14 "Liu Bei Departure" / Episode 15 "Strong and Weak"

Episode 16 "Dreadful Illusion" / Episode 17 "New World" / Episode 18 "Koto no Kohaou"

Episode 19 "Emperor Declaration" / Episode 20 "The Fall of Xuzhou" / Episode 21 "Selection of Liu Bei"

Episode 22 "Castle of Betrayal" / Episode 23 "Heaven and Earth" / Episode 24 "Challenge of King Koha"

Episode 25 "Farewell! Sun Ceremony" / Episode 26 "True Courage" / Episode 27 "Rampage Visit!"

Episode 28 "Blue-eyed child of Koto" / Episode 29 "Return of Liu Bei" / Episode 30 "Reunion, Youshu"

Episode 31 "Fierce Fighting Hakubajin" / Episode 32 "Guan Yu Roar!" / Episode 33 "Jizhou Million Army"

Episode 34 "Twilight, Yikyoro" / Episode 35 "To the Battle of Guandu" / Episode 36 "Battle of Guandu"

Episode 37 "Farewell" / Episode 38 "Champion chosen by heaven" / Episode 39 "Shura who challenged heaven"

Episode 40 "Kizuna beyond a thousand miles" / Episode 41 "Fukuryu, fly in the heavens" / Episode 42 "Courage inherited"

Episode 43 "Total of the World's Thirds" / Episode 44 "Dragon Emperor Sword, Fall" / Episode 45 "Gekisei! Nagasakabashi"

Episode 46 "Sun Quan Standing" / Episode 47 "Tenrai Gun" / Episode 48 "Battle of Red Cliffs"

Episode 49 "Nagae Burning Yu" / Episode 50 "Dragon Shine" / Episode 51 (Final Episode) "The Will of the Three Kingdoms"

<Theatrical version>

"Super Movie SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors"

[Video benefits]

■ Mobile Suit SD Gundam

・ SD Gundam. H Past, present, and future.

・ SD Gundam Encyclopedia Part 1

・ SD Gundam Encyclopedia Part 2

・ "Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival" Theater Trailer

■ SD Gundam Force

・ Bonus disc "Zakozako Disc"

・ Zakoza Koawa Special Edition

・ Treasured video

・ Non-credit OP ・ ED

・ Zakozako Force

■ SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors

・ BB Senshi Sangokuden PV1-5

Only PV2 includes Korean, Cantonese, and Simplified Chinese versions

・ SD Gundam Sangokuden PV1-2

・ Non-credit OP ・ ED

1st-4th OP / ED / Super-movie version ED / 51st episode (final episode) ED / Christmas (broadcast on December 25, 2010) OP

・ End card collection (still image)

[Other specifications]

・ Newly drawn storage box

・ SD Gundam Blu-ray Collection Box Main Staff Memory (Booklet 8P)

* Benefits and specifications are subject to change without notice.


"Mobile Suit SD Gundam" about 403 minutes (main story about 388 minutes + video privilege about 15 minutes) + "SD Gundam Force" about 1302 minutes (main story disc about 1222 minutes + bonus disc about 80 minutes) + "SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors" Approximately 695 minutes (main story approximately 625 minutes + video benefits approximately 70 minutes)

<Mobile Suit SD Gundam> Linear PCM (stereo) / AVC / BD50G x 3 sheets / 4: 3 <1080p High Definition> ・ Some 16: 9 <1080p High Definition>

<SD Gundam Force> Linear PCM (stereo) / AVC / BD50G x 9 (8 main discs + 1 bonus disc) / 4: 3 <1080i High Definition>

<SD Gundam Sangokuden BraveBattleWarriors> Linear PCM (stereo), some Dolby TrueHD (5.1ch) / AVC / BD50G x 4 / 16: 9 <1080p High Definition>, some 16: 9 <1080i High Definition>


<"Mobile Suit SD Gundam"> Director / Screenplay: Amino Tetsuro (currently Amino Tetsuro) / Shinji Takamatsu / Character Design / Animation Director: Gen Sato, Nobuyoshi Nishimura, Akitoshi Yokoyama, Yasuhiro Oshima, Yoshinobu Inano, etc.

<"Mobile Suit SD Gundam SD Gundam Gaiden"> Director / Screenplay: Amino Tetsuro (currently Amino Tetsuro) / Character Design / Animation Director: Akitoshi Yokoyama, etc.

<"Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival Plus"> Director / Screenplay: Takeyuki Kanda / Kiyoshi Egami / Amino Tetsuro (currently Amino Tetsuro) / Takashi Imanishi / Character Design / Animation Director: Kenichi Chikanaga / Masayuki Hiraoka / Koji Sugiura / Shukô Murase / Masashi Hirota・ Takeshi Ito

<"SD Gundam Force"> Planning: Sunrise / Director: Yuichi Abe (currently Yuichi Abe) / Nobuhiro Kondo / Original: Hajime Yadachi / Yuuki Tomino / Character design: Takahiro Kimura / SD design: Layup / Takeshi Takakura / Art design: Sotsu Tsukigo / Sound Director: Momose Keiichi / Music: Yorihiro Ike / Production: Sunrise / Sotsu Agency (currently: Sotsu) / TV TOKYO

<"SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors"> Planning: Sunrise / Original: Hajime Yatate Yuuki Tomino / Director: Kunihiro Mori / Kenichi Suzuki / Series composition: Tatsuhiko Urahata / SD Design: Shinya Terashima / Design Works: Tatsuhiko Shimoda (PLEX) Susumu Imaishi, Takashi Miyamoto, Takumi Sakura, Maime Sato / Color design: Taeko Kumagai / Art director: Shigemi Ikeda / Director: Yoichi Ogami / CG director: Tadao Odaka / Acoustic director: Sadayoshi Fujino / Music: Kei Yoshikawa / Production: Sunrise, Sotsu, etc.


<"Mobile Suit SD Gundam"> Ichiro Nagai / Toru Furuya / Shuichi Ikeda / Nobuo Tobita / Kazuki Yao / Hirotaka Suzuoki / Satoshi Shimada / Yoshiko Sakakibara / Masashi Ebara and others

<"Mobile Suit SD Gundam SD Gundam Gaiden"> Knight Gundam: Yasunori Matsumoto / Knight Amuro: Toru Furuya and others

<"Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival Plus"> Musha Gundam: Koyasu Tomita / Command Gundam: Kenji Utsumi / Knight Gundam: Yasunori Matsumoto / Tron: Ai Orikasa / Captain F91: Yasunori Matsumoto / Fourth General: Nobuo Tobita / Knight Gundam GP01: Takehito Koyasu, etc.

<"SD Gundam Force"> Captain Gundam: Hiroshi Kamiya / Shuto: Park Romi ("Ro" is written as "Road" in "King") / Knight of the Wings Zero: Mitsuki Saiga / Warrior Swordless Explosive Maru: Chiba Progress / Genki Maru: Yumiko Kobayashi / Zapper Zaku: Eiji Yanagisawa / Gun Eagle: Daisuke Namikawa / Gun Chopper No. 1: Kazuya Nakai / Professor Gerbera: Akio Otsuka / Ouma Omaru: Masahiko Tanaka / Princess Ririjimana: Misuke Matsurai / Haro Secretary: Takahiro Yoshimizu and others

<"SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors"> Liu Bi Gundam: Yuki Kaji / Sosou Gundam: Kenji Nomura / Songon Gundam: Nobunaga Shimazaki / Kanba Gundam: Hiroki Yasumoto / Zhang Fei Gundam: Masayuki Kato / Lady Sun Easy Eight: Satoru Inoue / Zhao Yun Gundam: Yuki Ono / Tsubaki Shiba Sotheby: Keiichi Nakagawa / Atsushi Natsuho Guillos: Shigeo Kiyama / Tatsuho Fuchi Dallas: Takayuki Fujimoto / Zhou Zaku III: Ryo Iwasaki / Sonken Zephyrantus: Takashi Nagamine / Sonsaku Physalis: Riki Kitazawa Akemi / Zhou Yu Hyakushiki: Daisuke Hirakawa / Riku Ryo Zeta Plus: Hiroshi Shimono / Taishi Ji Dom: Masato Funaki / Guff Yellow Cover: Naoki Imamura / Ryomo Dije: Seiichi Morita / Kanning Kempfer: Takuatsu Terashima / Tallgeese Lu Bu: Atsushi Miyauchi / Diaochan Qubeley: Ayumi Tsunematsu / Ryo Zhang Gelgoog: Tomo Toru Higuchi / Kojun Viate, Xu Akira Serpent: Hirotsugu Miyazaki / Merikurius Chengu: Mizuki Nakamura / Taku Taku Zaku: Tetsuo Komura / Zhaochan Bow: Yosuke Akimoto / Masaaki Okura / Komei Li Gazi, Narration: Kazutaka Ishii, etc.

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