Notice of Business in May




Thank you for always using Yoyakunow.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but there are currently significant delays in responding to messages, receiving products, and shipping products.

We are currently working quickly to respond to requests for product shipping, inventory processing, and replying to messages. We apologize for the inconvenience while you wait for the product to be shipped and for us to contact you, but we would appreciate it if you could wait a little longer.

小立 良太
Otachi Ryota
General Manager

Yoyakunow provides pre-order purchase from Japanese Manufacturer or Distributors and shipping to customers from Japan.

We will do our best to help you with your purchase so that you will be satisfied with your use. And we will take responsibility until it is handed your items to the delivery company you contract with, for example, Japan Post.

However, we are not responsible for any problems such as delay in shipping from the delivery company, difference in product information, damage to the product from Factory, damage from delivery service.

Of course, if such a problem occurs, our staff will negotiate with the Japanese Manufacturer or Distributors, but it may not always be possible to be requested.

In addition, we are not responsible for any problems such as damage, loss or theft of products being shipped overseas. Therefore, it is recommended to take out insurance in case of such a problem.

We have established a basic policy for possible problems.

We are not responsible for any of the following problems. We cannot accept returns or refunds.

-It is different from the photo or image of the purchased product.
-I want to cancel after the payment has been received by the Japanese Manufacturer or Distributor.
-I have purchased a prohibited item in my country.
-I can't pay customs duties or fees.
-I cannot select the desired delivery method due to size and weight issues.
-I told you the wrong address for international shipping.
-There was an initial defect in the product.

● For other problems

Q, I received a different product from the one I Pre-ordered.
A, We are responsible for returns, exchanges or refunds.

Q, I haven't received the item shipped internationally.
A, We will support you. If you lose it, apply for insurance. In case of delay, no refund will be given.
We are responsible for refunds or reshipment in case of incorrect address writing.

Q, I purchased the item, but I can't pay the shipping fee.
A, We are not responsible. Returns and refunds are not possible. We will keep the item for up to 180 days, fees will apply for storage, after which we will discard it.

Q, The item I received was damaged.
A, We will support you. Apply for insurance.

Q, I didn't received the packing options requested for protecting the products.
A, We will support you. We will refund the option fee used and the individual packing fee.

Q, The package I received did not contain any items or Pre-order benefits.
A, We will support you. We will ship the missing items and Pre-order benefits.

Q, What happens if the product disappears during the storage period?
A, We will support you. We will repurchase or refund the pre-order payment.

Q, The item has arrived at a different address.
A, In case of mistakes made by the delivery company, we will handle it and redeliver or apply for insurance.
We will be responsible for refunds and reshipment in case of incorrect address writing.