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Lycee Overture Ver.HOOKSOFT&SMEE&ASa Project BOX

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2022 / 12 / 23

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2022 / 11 / 11

The popular girl game brands "HOOKSOFT", "SMEE", and "ASa Project" will join forces!

A large number of works and characters from each brand will be recorded. The number of participating works is the largest in the history of Lycee Overture!

With this product, the "Ver.HOOKSOFT & SMEE & ASa Project", you can build brand-exclusive decks for each of the three brands!

Of course, by combining with "Ver.HOOKSOFT 1.0" and cards from other brands, you can enjoy building a variety of decks!

◆ Attention point of the recording card!

You can build a limited deck for each brand!

It is possible to construct build-restricted decks for each brand of "HOOKSOFT", "SMEE", and "ASa Project".

"SMEE" and "ASa Project" can each enjoy two types of decks.

"HOOKSOFT" can also be mixed with "Ver.HOOKSOFT 1.0" cards.

◆ Foil stamping signature card information!

Haruto Tsuruya (as Hazuki Kose in "After School Cinderella 2")

Tokio Aoi (as Iori Tachibana in "Yubisaki Connection")

Shiu Kanose (as Sakurako Sonoike in "Hazi Love -Making*Lovers-")

Kaname Shiratsuki ("Hazi Love -Making*Lovers-" role of Hatsuho Yobune)

Iroha Natsumine (role of Rui Mikoshiba in "Futamata Love")

Yuka Kotorii (playing Yuna Teru in "Love x Royale")

Miyu Isuzu (role of Nora Kinomoto in "Love 0 Kilometers")


●Scheduled works●


"After School Cinderella 2"

"Yubisaki Connection"

"Holding Memories and Carp in Ai!!"

"After School Cinderella"


"1/1 Boyfriend Girlfriend"

"Hazi Love -Making*Lovers-"

"Harem Kingdom -Harlem Kingdom-"


"Making * Lovers"


"Pure x Connect"

"Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~"

"Loveable ~lover able~"

[ASa Project]

"Futamata Love"

"Love x Royale"

"Love, I borrowed it"

"Karigurashi Love"

"Sankaku love with love and love"

"Pla My Wars"

"One Skip Love"

"Love 0 Kilometers"

【Product Details】

1 pack: 8 pieces

Number of card types: All 108 types + parallel Kira card (number of types undecided)

SR: 12 types / R: 32 types / about 64 other types + parallel Kira / foil stamping sign card etc. (planned)

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Lycee Overture
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