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[Ebten Exclusive] Abarenbou Tengu & Zombie Nation Limited Package Edition "Abare Tengu Box: Exciting Box" Famitsu DX Pack


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2021 / 10 / 28

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2021 / 10 / 08

The fantastic side-scrolling shooting game "Zombie Nation" and "ZOMBIE NATION" are back in the modern era with a set of two!

The following 5 items will be limited to Ebiten.

・ Game software for Nintendo Switch "Zombie Nation & ZOMBIE NATION Limited Package Version" Zombie Nation Box: Exciting Box ""

・ "Zombie Nation & ZOMBIE NATION" hanging scroll tapestry

・ A set of 4 types of bean dishes in a paulownia box

・ "Zombie Nation & ZOMBIE NATION" original tenugui set

・ Promotional flyer design A4 clear file 2 types set

[Famitsu DX Pack]

● "Zombie Nation & ZOMBIE NATION" hanging scroll tapestry

A tapestry designed in a hanging scroll style using the package illustration of "Zombie Nation & ZOMBIE NATION".

Size: A2 half-cut size (approx. 210 x 594 mm)

● A set of 4 types of bean dishes in a paulownia box

It is a set of 4 kinds of bean dishes with the visuals and motifs of this work.

Delivered in a luxurious paulownia box.

Size: 10 cm in diameter

● "Zombie Nation & ZOMBIE NATION" original tenugui set

It is a set of 2 types of original towels using the visuals of this work.

Size: Approximately 34 x 86 cm

● Promotional flyer design A4 clear file 2 types set

Design a valuable promotional leaflet at the time of the original release in an A4 clear file!

Size: A4

[Limited Package Version "Rogue Tengu Box: Exciting Box"]

Included items

・ Soundtrack CD

A soundtrack CD containing new songs and arrangements by Norio Nakagata, director and sound composer of "Zombie Nation"

・ Collection of setting materials

Collection of setting materials with treasured artwork and developer interviews

・ Another jacket sheet

Another jacket sheet that can be dressed up in the "Remorse" edition

The artwork is drawn by original designer Satoshi Okano / OKN!

You can listen and rampage, read and rampage, or decorate and rampage. It is a luxurious special edition that is exciting immediately after opening.

[Game introduction]

■ Game overview

A long time ago, the legend of being divided into two revives in this world ... An unprecedented excitement

"Zombie Nation" released as NES software in 1990 and "ZOMBIE NATION" released in North America as his NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) software the following year are revived as a set. ..

Enjoy the mysterious side-scrolling shooter, which will do its best to destroy for peace and salvation, with new modes and new features.

■ New mode

In "Zombie Nation" and "ZOMBIE NATION", you can switch between two modes from the in-game menu.

In "Zombie Nation", you can choose "Pe Tengu Mode" and "Exciting Mode", and in "ZOMBIE NATION", you can choose "Zombie Mode" and "Samurai Mode".

* In the default state, it is set to "Pe Tengu mode" and "Zombie mode".

◆ Pe Tengu Mode / Zombie Mode

This mode allows you to play using convenient functions such as "rewind", "quick save", and "quick load".

"Special" will be released by clearing all rounds.

◆ Exciting mode / Samurai mode

This mode allows you to play the original as it is. You can't use any useful features other than "accessories", but you can challenge your achievements.

Try out the results you practiced in "Pe Tengu Mode" and "Zombie Mode", aim to clear all rounds and unlock achievements, and try waving your arms.

■ New features

◆ Rewind

You can rewind to any point while pressing the rewind button.

◆ Quick save / load

You can save and load at any time you like.

It is possible to divide save files up to 3 slots each for "Zombie Nation" and "ZOMBIE NATION".

■ Additional elements

◆ Extra

You can browse from the title screen. You can browse the package designs and posters of that time.

* The manual can be viewed from the menu in each game.

◆ Achievements

You can browse from the title screen. You can check the achievements that you can challenge in "Exciting Mode" and "Samurai Mode".

By using the "Accessories" function, you can easily check the acquisition status even during game play.

◆ Special

If you clear all rounds in either "Pe Tengu Mode" or "Zombie Mode", you will be released and you will be able to select from the menu in each game.

You will be able to play "that mode" that you could play with hidden commands at that time.

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